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Are Women Funny? Contest Winners Announced
Jacqueline Goldfinger and Jennifer MacMillan are the inaugural winners of the Are Women Funny? Contest sponsored by Playscripts, Inc. and the International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP).

Their one-act play for high school students, Enter Bogart, has been chosen for publication out of hundreds of entries. In addition to the publication of their play, Goldfinger and MacMillan will receive a $1,000 prize, and a year membership to ICWP.

Shirley King's Ella's Enchanted Garden received an honorable mention. Samara Siskind's What NOT to do at ...
5 Questions for A. Rey Pamatmat
Every year The Waterwell Drama Program at Professional Performing Arts School in New York City works with a professional playwright to create a new play with teenage actors.  This unique incubator created Nothing is the End of the World (except for the end of the world) by Bekah Brunstetter, Emma by Stephen Karam, and most recently A Spare Me by A. Rey Pamatmat.

What was the most exciting part of creating new work with teenagers?

The most exciting part of it was how into it they were that I had written parts specifically for them, and how ...
Advice for Playwrights Starting Out by Adam Szymkowicz
This post originally appeared on http://www.aszym.blogspot.com on January 26, 2009 and had not been altered.

1. Are you sure you want to be a playwright? How about a screenwriter or TV writer or fiction writer? Not that you can’t do them all, but it helps, I think, to concentrate and get really good at one at a time and you should think about if you want that one thing to be a playwright. Being a playwright is hard. One of my profs once said to me you have to work hard at it for at least 10 years before you start to see any movement. Then you reach that threshold ...
The Break Beat Plays
A break beat is a rhythmic musical loop, born from the “breakdown” sections of funk, soul, disco, jazz, and rock records.  In the analog 70’s, some crafty south Bronx DJs isolated the breakdown sections of popular records.  Employing a second turntable and this new-fangled doo-hickey called a cross fader, they live-looped the breakdowns that moved dancers to tear up the floor.  A break beat is that driving rhythm to which b-boys pop lock and wind-will, to which MCs rhyme, call, and await response.   It is a dynamic crossroads of limbs and language.  It is the foundation of hip ...
Amazing PR photos from theaters of the United States
We laughed at the Show Nuff blog.  It also got us thinking.  What makes a good show pic?  We asked Playscripts, Inc. Marketing Director, Lane Bernes, to give us examples of her favorite theater PR photos, and explain why she believes they are effective.

LB: This shot, from a high school production of Just Add Zombies, may be one of the best publicity photos I have ever seen (we even used it on the cover of our catalog). First, it's an interesting action shot.  That doesn't mean that the action wasn't staged, but it appears to be mid-performance.  Second, the ...
Holiday Plays Near You
'Tis the season to see plays! We've compiled a list of Christmas shows playing across the country, and spoke with four theaters about why you should come see their Playscripts holiday shows.

Another Night Before Christmas at The Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA

"I performed in the show in 2008 and now am directing the show for Barter's Christmas season. The show holds a special place in me. The reactions to our show in 2008 were ecstatic. It makes me happy just to be working on it." --Eugene Wolf, Director

PS: What is your favorite song lyric ...
Move Me
There's this thing that happens in new play workshops: at some point while reading and discussing your new play there is this pressure that comes over you to process the play for the audience.  To clarify for the audience what is unclear, to state what your play is about and where you stand on the subject matter.  This is good.  This is also bad.

I feel I write the most exciting work when I've lost clarity.   When I've lost track of what my play is about, when I can't stand for anything because I'm knocked under it.  I feel I write the best when I'm deep under the sea ...
A Musicals Suvey
We are offering our customers an opportunity to help us better curate our musicals selection by participating in a survey. The survey will help us better understand what our customers are looking for when selecting a musical for production.

We estimate that it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete the survey, and upon completion you will receive a coupon code for 35% off any musical libretto or cast CD purchase (offer good through 1/31/14.)

Simply fill out the form below, or cut and paste this entire URL into your browser to access the survey:

Playwright to Playwright: Christopher Shinn Interviews Wendy Macleod
After the success of our last Playwright to Playwright interview, Madeleine George interviewing Taylor Mac, we decided to make it a regular blog feature.  Below, Christopher Shinn asks Wendy Macleod about her play Juvenilia, American theatre audiences, and even political issues of the day.

CS: Your play Juvenilia is one of my favorite contemporary plays. It's very rare that sexual desire is represented with psychological complexity and truth in the theatre today. Your play located the trauma and rage that underlie so much sexual expression now and also ...
Madeleine George Asks Taylor Mac 13 Questions

We charged Madeleine George with asking Taylor Mac 5 questions for a blog post.  Madeleine couldn't narrow it down to 5 questions and neither could we.

MG: What's a book that's had a surprising impact on your theater making?

TM: The Fabulous Lunts. It's a biography about Lynne Fontaine and Alfred Lunt and above all other theater books it's inspired me to look at my art as a process rather than a race to the finish. I love the mythology of the Lunts because they were pre-Group Theater, so weren't caught up in the method trend but also lived and ...
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