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We talk “happy thoughts” with Jeremy Bloom, author of “Peter/Wendy”
Peter/Wendy is a mashup of two J.M. Barrie classics--Peter and Wendy and The Little White Bird. Lyrical, atmospheric, and low-tech, this is Peter Pan stripped down to its emotional essence. We talk with playwright Jeremy Bloom about taking on a classic, characterization, and "happy thoughts."
Why Peter Pan?
When I read the novel, Peter and Wendy, I knew I had to make a play of it. Written after Barrie's original ...
We talk with Bryce Norbitz, Steve Wargo, and Marshall Pailet, authors of “Triassic Parq”
Few plays have mastered the art of bringing singing philosophical dinosaurs to life. In fact, no play has done that... until now. Triassic Parq brings dinosaurs, and life's most existential questions to the stage in this hilarious satire.  We spoke to the authors about writing satire, collaborating on a new play, and even their favorite dinosaurs. [Warning PG-13 content below.]

Triassic Parq asks some really deep questions early on, such as "Who am I?" and "What does it mean to exist?" So, we wanted to ask you guys those questions; Who are ...
Jeremy Desmon talks about Cyrano de BurgerShack

Cyrano de Burgershack explores the themes of selflessness, self-esteem, self-fulfillment, and of course, the generation that brought you the "selfie". This modern day retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac blends well-known pop songs, a present day setting, and relevant young adult formalities (cue the use of cell phones and the hashtag) while thematically exploring the importance of being true to one's self. The playwright, Jeremy Desmon, discusses his own writing techniques, his works, and his own grand romantic gestures.

While teaching ...
Henry’s Law, a play about bullying
There can be no denying that our current culture is dominated by an abundance of information available to us online, as well as the ability to be in nearly constant contact with others through various social media outlets. But is that always a good thing? Well, not when a misguided post online can damage a person and potentially lead to drastic consequences. In her recent play entitled Henry's Law, playwright Stacie Lents explores this deeply prevalent issue of cyberbullying. Here, Ms. Lents discusses why this issue matters, how it can potentially be better addressed and the pros ...
Deconstructing Justice: Murder in the First
To what extent can people who have gone through severe psychological trauma truly be held accountable for their actions? To what extent is justice truly served in the federal justice system? These questions, along with the more generalized themes of hypocrisy and brutality, are explored in Dan Gordon's play Murder in the First. Already having written the respective literary and film versions of Murder in the First, Gordon discusses what transforming this story into a theatrical work has meant to him, its deeper themes and why he loves writing for the stage:

Want to Live Forever? There’s an App for That
What if you could outwit death by preserving your mind and memories in a way which would allow you to "live" via an advanced computer screen after your physical body perishes? Would this really "be you"--would you be alive? Two Point Oh is a compelling, thought-provoking play that delves into this very issue. The play's author, Jeffrey Jackson, reflects on his work, the deeper questions it explores and why technology becoming increasingly prominent in our lives may not be so scary or dehumanizing after all:

The premise of Two Point Oh is fascinating. ...
Robert Schenkkan on Writing and the Wonderful World of Theatre

Whether it is exploring American mythology in his Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Kentucky Cycle , or turning Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston into President Lyndon B. Johnson for his current, Tony award winning Broadway production All the Way, playwright Robert Schenkkan is a notable fixture in the theatrical world. Here, Schenkkan discusses By the Waters of Babylon, his latest work to be published here at Playscripts, Inc., as well as his personal writing routine, favorite writers, and why he is proud to call himself a theater geek.
Why ...
Merging Stage and Screen Made Easy

Rock 'n' roll, I Love Lucy, and James Dean are just a few of the most iconic aspects of the '50s. But wise-cracking 12-year-old Rudy Pazinski who often finds himself questioning traditional family values and the Roman Catholic Church? Yes, it looks like there is room for him, too. Well, at least in the world of  playwright Tom Dudzick's semi-autobiographical series  Over the Tavern. And now in Over the Tavern: The TV Show, Dudzick revisits his favorite family in two one-act plays.

Were you involved with theatre as a ...
Why I Write Plays for High Schools
“Why do you write plays for high schools?”  I am often asked by fans I was asked by the marketing department at Playscripts as a possible starting point for a blog entry. And to my legion of loyal readers Lane Bernes, Marketing Director at Playscripts and anyone else reading this blog entry I say, “Well it’s complicated, but I’ve broken my answer down in 5 easy categories (much like one of my desperately titled plays!).”
 1.  The Money.  Oh sweet lord the money.
 Most self-interested, greedy money mongers are going to tell you that the best way to make millions ...
Are Women Funny? Contest Winners Announced
Jacqueline Goldfinger and Jennifer MacMillan are the inaugural winners of the Are Women Funny? Contest sponsored by Playscripts, Inc. and the International Centre for Women Playwrights (ICWP).

Their one-act play for high school students, Enter Bogart, has been chosen for publication out of hundreds of entries. In addition to the publication of their play, Goldfinger and MacMillan will receive a $1,000 prize, and a year membership to ICWP.

Shirley King's Ella's Enchanted Garden received an honorable mention. Samara Siskind's What NOT to do at ...
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