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They Promised Her the Moon
Laurel Ollstein
Jerrie Cobb, the first American woman to test for space flight, relives her memories, from learning to fly a plane as a child in Oklahoma to testifying in Congressional hearings about the under-the-radar all-female Mercury 13 space program.
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100 - 110 minutes
3 W, 3 M,  (6-18 actors possible: 3-15 W, 3-12 M)
Just Great: A Retelling of Some Book by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Dani Stoller
Through his social media feed, high schooler Jason Carraway watches all the crazy parties, high-end fashion, and fame. But it’s not until Jason and his sister Nick are enrolled in the exclusive Dalton Prep that Jason has a chance to see the world of the elite up close.
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60 - 70 minutes
9 W, 3 M, 2 Any (14-30 actors possible: 9-25 W, 3-15 M)
Space Girl
Mora V. Harris
Arugula Suarez just wants to fit in. But it's not easy when you're a sixteen-year-old alien from the planet Zlagdor.
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80 - 90 minutes
5 W, 1 M, 1 Any (7-11 actors possible: 5-10 W, 1-3 M)
Kirsten Greenidge
When a racially-charged incident divides her first-year students, reluctant resident advisor Shelby finds herself in the middle of a conversation she does not want to have.
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90 - 95 minutes
6 W, 3 M, 
Biz Town (one-act)
Rachel Bublitz
When Miss J assigns an “adult life” simulation project, her class transforms into Biz Town, a modern city with a hospital, bookshop, zoo, exotic pet store—and crime. One hard-boiled detective tries to uncover the criminals and set the town on a better path.
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30 - 40 minutes
36 Any (8-36 actors possible)